10 June 2010
EU Legal instruments and their impact on the Bulgarian legal system
Marta Bozhikova

A powerpoint presentation on the legal nature of the basic sources of EU Law – regulations, directives, decisions, recommendations and opinions. The presentation also focuses on the application of EU law in the EU Member States and its impact on the national legal systems (in Bulgarian language)

  10.06.11 Legal instruments.pdf

10 June 2010
EU legislative process – development and main institutional mechanisms
Marta Bozhikova

A powerpoint presentation on the EU decision making process, focusing on the various legislative procedures and the role of each EU institution in the legislative process (in Bulgarian language) 

  10.06.11 Decision making.pdf

12 June 2010
Basic principles of EU legislation techniques
Marta Bozhikova

A powerpoint presentation on the main requirements for the validity of EU legislative acts, publication in the Official Journal and entering into force. The EU better regulation strategy (in Bulgarian language)

  10.06.12 Legislative principles.pdf

31 October 2007
EU Structural funds in Bulgaria. The municipalities as beneficiaries under the Operational Programmes.
Marta Bozhikova

A detailed study on the regulation of the EU Structural funds on European and national level from the beginning of the first programme period for Bulgaria (2007 – 2013). After an introductive chapter, outlining the main characteristics, scope and objectives of the EU regional policy, the study focuses on the 7 Operational Programmes of the Republic of Bulgaria with an important emphasis on the programmes, priorities and operations under which the Municipalities are potential beneficiaries. The study also contains a brief analysis of the main difficulties that Bulgarian Municipalities face when elaborating EU funded projects and offers some ideas on how to overcome them. Last, the study describes the typical project cycle – starting from the formulation of the poject idea, through the evaluation of the project to its practical implementation (in Bulgarian language)

  07.11.07_Structural funds_final submission.pdf